Thursday, December 25, 2008

Well, it's a Merry Solstice for Alan Moore, at least...

SOURCE: Judge Rules That Fox Owns Rights to Watchmen


  1. I still find it amazing that no one thought to look at the big book of copyrights on file at Warner/DC to see if anyone had acquired them.
    Then again it was the 80s when it was signed ... everyone in the comic industry was on blow due to all the $$ they had lying around ... right?
    I can have dreams ...

  2. I take it that you're one of those hoping that Watchmen would never see the light of day?

  3. Yeah. That was at the time when Marvel had briefly optioned the rights for Fantastic Four to Roger Corman and somebody decided Dolph Lundgren as The Punisher was a good idea. So it's not surprising that they thought the rights hadn't been sold out since all of the equally big properties were openly passed around a few times.

  4. Kind of. I'm mostly on Moore's side that I don't think it NEEDS to be translated.
    I'm happy that because of the hype, the sales on the trade itself have gone through the roof.