Monday, October 27, 2008

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 3, Chapter 7 - Eris Quod Sum

That title is Latin for "you will be what I am". But what does that mean?

And will I be able to watch the show in the first place with the local NBC affiliate's signal skipping like a bad DVD all the way through Chuck?

The title would seem to fit with my theory about Arthur Petrelli's powers. That is to say, he has Peter's ability to draw upon the powers of others, but he has refined it to the point that he can take them away too.

Anyway... let us see what happens next.

8:01 - Okay. So Hiro has to go and stop some things from happening... but he refuses to go back in time because he doesn't want to make things worse. Nice way of keeping things interesting despite the fact that Hiro is basically all powerful and potentially COULD solve all the problems in five minutes. And one of the events is Mohinderance talking with Nathan and Tracy?

8:02 - Wait! Maya isn't dead? Oh, now I REALLY hate Mohinderance!

8:03 - Got really jumpy this whole time but I basically got the gist that Arthur made Peter a deal and Peter said no way in hell. Of course we knew that from the commercials...

8:05 - Yay Elle! And her powers are wonky! And takes a lot of suspense out of tomorrow's comic, which is supposed to finish up the "Elle visits Claude" storyline to learn control. But still - yay Elle!

8:07 - Super Duck Afflack commercial. That's insane.

8:08 - The cynic in me can't help but notice that the largest uninterrupted skips seem to be occurring during the commercial breaks.

8:09 - Huh. Claire doesn't feel electric shocks. Weird.

8:10 - Heh. Lyle with the bucket of water for the win. And it looks like Claude didn't do anything for her. Suck.

8:10 - Oh gods - Mohinderance is getting mopey over the woman he webbed up, may have basically raped and kept as a hostage. Gag me.

8:11 - Okay... that thing with the face-coming out is creepy. New theory - he's a soul eater. Somehow, I doubt he's leaving nothing behind as he claims... unless he is LITERALLY leaving nothing behind.

8:12 - Of course since Mohinderance is willingly signing on with the bad guys it's acceptable for me to hate him. Of course, he's been 0 for 3 on choosing sides so far so... big surprise that's what he does.

8:14 - Ah cool. So she doesn't just see the future in her dreams.... she can communicate in dreams too, like that Indian kid from Season One. The conversation with Sylar is skipping bad but I got the gist. Sylar needs to save Peter.

8:16 - Woo-hoo! Blonde babe road trip!

8:19 - And there goes Maury! But because of the skipping I didn't see what happened? Did he use Maya's power?

8:23 - Mama Bennet is awesome. That is all.

8:25 - Okay. The romance is moving quickly, no pun intended.

8:26 - Okay... "one way or another you will help me get this done". What is Arthur doing, exactly?

8:27 - Peter trying to talk sense into Mohinderance. This is going to fly like a lead balloon.

8:28 - Heh. I knew it. "Then you're too late". And then in comes Sylar. Who... I am actually starting to like as a hero. His beating Mohinderance senseless is only somewhat related to this. Really.

8:29 - Oooh. So Papa Petrelli DOES keep the powers he steals. Looks like my theory of paternal power dominance is kinda standing up.

8:33 - Okay. Mohinderance is BREEDING Spider-Monsters? Worst scientist ever.

8:34 - Fire and Ice and Bennet being as bad ass as ever. Nice.

8:35 - Oooh. Nice bit of drama here. And weirdly, the skipping seems to have stopped as the lights began flickering on the screen. Maybe Elle is messing up my TV? Erie....

8:38 - Okay. There is NOW way a fear manipulator should be able to take down a telepath. Not even Matt.

8:42 - Nice fakeout!

8:43 - "Join me - and we shall rule the galaxy as father and son!" Well, it has the same feeling as that.

8:44 - Okay... so Powerless Peter is on the loose... and still smarter than Mohinderance. Guess we know who has the Idiot Ball this week.

8:45 - Yay! Maya is leaving! Please never come back! Please never come back!

8:48 - Oh, that figures! I finally get to liking Sylar as a good guy and he signs on with the bad guy team again. Or the Worse Bad Guy team. And there had better be a HELL of a fake-out coming.

8:51 - Ok. Not a fake-out. But hardly lethal. And hey, now we know where the scar came from.

8:53 - Of course now that Bennet and the characters I care about are on, the skipping starts.

8:54 - I said it before last week and I'll say it again this time. Matt is actually starting to kick ass.

8:57 - Oooh Nathan sounds scary when he is being bad ass.

8:58 - The skipping is really bad now... what is Hiro eating?

8:59 - Okay... so Hiro is going to have visions of the past and this will tie into the flashback episode in two weeks. Curses.

Final Thoughts: Okay. So here's where the teams - such as they are - stand.

The Company
Angela, Bennet, Meredith, Sylar

Arthur, Sylar (not really), Mohinder, Flint, Knox, Elle (maybe)

Matt, Daphne, Peter, Claire, Nathan, Tracy, Hiro, Ando, the African precog whose name I can't spell

I THINK that's all the players right now.

But two weeks until another episode? And a flashback? NOOOOOOOOO!


  1. Papa Petrelli basically did a tk neck break while Papa Parkman was arguing about sparing Matt.
    It was well done. Over all a fairly strong episode. For some reason I thought of Buffy tonight while you were discussing Mohinder... and one description in particular.. 'Spider-Eating Man Bitch'

  2. Except for the eating, that's pretty accurate.