Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green Arrow Coolness...

Someone finally put most of it up on scans_daily...


  1. Yes, it's so cool how he fails & has his will sapped. I don't get why people are so impressed by this. Has the GABC series been that disappointing?

  2. Yes.
    They key differences between this and - oh everything that Judd Winick has done in the last five years is...
    1. Ollie made a choice here to fight a hopeless battle... and yet, he was successful in his actual goal. He wasn't trying to win the fight. He was trying to buy time so that the rest of the group (especially Dinah) were able to escape to the JLA Satellite succesfully and prevent them from being tracked. In short, he lost the fight but won the war.
    2. Ollie was able to injure (and possibly kill) New God bred warhounds. Given that one of those things took out the nigh-invincible General (aka General Eiling in the Shaggy Man's shaved body), I consider that damned impressive.
    3. Ollie went down but he went down fighting. He's out-gunned, out-classed and just plain screwed. He knows this. And yet, he still elects to be the one to stay behind to make sure everyone else gets away. Compare that to the last issue of Green Arrow where Ollie literally falls on his knees and begs Deathstroke - freaking DEATHSTROKE of all people - not to hurt Dinah.
    Ollie Queen, when written properly, does not beg. He does not grovel. He does not go quietly even if he knows he's doomed.
    THAT is why everyone is gushing over this scene.
    Granted, it's a lot more awesome if you can see the romantic moment with Dinah that leads into it.