Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Awesome New Heroes Comics!

It stars Elle. And Claude.


  1. I never read these, but you said the magic word. :: runs over ::

  2. Most of them are pretty good. And you get a lot of background the show doesn't give, such as the story of how Daniel Linderman and Arthur Petrelli met in Vietnam and the secret origins of The Haitian.
    My personal favorite? The same week Eden died in Season One, the comic did a story where Noah tracks down the deadbeat dad who ruined Eden's life.
    Dear old dad, you see, abandoned Eden to the mercies of a step-mother who made Eden a slave until the day her power manifested and Eden said "I wish you would just die!" and stepmommy's heart stopped - that's in another comic.
    Bear in mind this is just after Noah had to deal with almost losing Claire to Sylar. Now think about his reaction to a father who has foresworn any responsibilities for his daughter and who basically asks if Bennet is a lawyer or a bill collector, because the only reason he cares to hear about his daughter dying is if he's getting a check or is about to get sued for her debts.
    It is a crowning moment of Awesome.

  3. Everything Bennet does is filled utterly and completely with awesome, I must say.

  4. Oh yes. Pretty much half of the TVTropes.org entry for Crowning Moments of Awesome under HEROES are Bennet.