Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 8/13/08

DOCTOR WHO #6 - Much as I am looking forward to the upcoming multi-Doctor story The Forgotten, my patience with this regular monthly book is about worn out.

Why? Because when you spend the better part of the final issue explaining everything that happened in the story so far as a character writes a mental letter home, it is merely a bad story. But when you end a Doctor Who story with The Doctor holding a BFG - even if he does complain about the necessity of using the sonic screwdriver to power a sonic cannon - as Martha grips his waist like a Conan heroine as The Doctor shouts that he needs a group of god-like aliens to channel the fear-filled thoughts of a billion terrified souls to further power said sonic cannon... you have a truly bad Doctor Who story that entirely misses the point of the character.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #27 - Lots to like here. From Guy Gardner's attempts to open an American bar-and-grill on Oa and the complications that ensue ("What's a hamburger?") to the buddy-buddy scenes with Guy and Kyle talking about Guy's distance relationship with Ice to the sheer sci-fi coolness of a Green Lantern who has the power to talk to the dead in addition to his usual powers, there's a lot of nice ideas and nice character moments here.

Shame that Mongul The 2nd's death didn't even last one issue... but the idea of a serial killer attacking the family members of rookie Green Lanterns holds some promise.

WONDER WOMAN #23 - Up until reading Gail Simone's comments at scans_daily, I had no idea that this take on Beowulf came from a 1970's sword-and-sorcery comic, as did soulless baddie Stalker. I may have to track those books down.

As for this issue itself... well, Diana brings on the smack to The Devil himself, Donna Troy gives Nemesis her approval re: dating Diana and Sarge Steel is shown to either be possessed by the some malevolent woman-hating force or has become a writer for Wizard Magazine.

(Well, the Dave Sims and Frank Miller jokes have already been done to death and I had to say something!)

Great book. You should be reading it.


  1. I am hearing the song that plays whenever Doogie Howser writes in his journal while reading that Sarge Steel scene.

  2. Honestly I don't know why I asked. He'll be killed off or something extra bad will happen after Simone's run ends. See Diana's got this whole rhythm for dating. Tsk.
    Sweeeeeeet. That pic I got three characters mentioned. Oh yeah.