Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dark Knight and Hellboy 2: The Golden Army reviews

I just realized I had yet to get around to reviewing these movies, two weeks after the fact.

Let's keep it simple.

1. Dark Knight is awesome. Go see it on the big screen if you haven't already. Heath Ledger steals the show, though I don't think he's quite Oscar worthy. It's less dark than the first movie but the fight scenes still suffer from being shot far too close.

2. I honestly like Hellboy 2: The Golden Army better. Visually, it's a much more interesting film and not just because of the costuming and make-up - the cinematography is amazing, as you might expect in a DelToro picture.


  1. See I thought Eckhart stole the show in TDK. In fact if any one gets an award it should be him. He had such a presence.
    I will likely like Hellyboy 2 better, as I loved the first one as well, and this seems to be showing off more of del Toro's creative side.

  2. I loved them both...
    I can't smile...without you..

  3. RE: Enjoying Hellboy II more....THANK YOU!!
    RE: Ledger and the Oscar, I have to disagree, only because he did such a great job that you didn't see him as Heath Leadger playing the Joker, but just The Joker. Which is a big difference from, say, Jack Nicholson, who was just Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson dressed as the Joker.

  4. That's true... but I have pretty high standards for what I consider Oscar worthy.

  5. So did I. But Hellboy eeks it out on style.
    ...I feel sad when you're sad...