Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comics/Comic-Con Humor Round-Up

All of this was on-line other places this morning. Amazing, no? Don't look at the last one at work, unless you want people asking why you're looking at a website called

Comic-Con: The Musical!

Short, but cute.

6 Worst Comic Book Super-Husbands

Good list, even if it was totally written by a Marvel fanboy. Then again, how many married DC heroes are there who were truly bad husbands?

Personally, I would have put Cyclops at #1. Bad as Reed is, he didn't quit his job and abandon his friends just after his wife died, get married and have a kid with a woman who was the spitting image of his wife and then abandon THAT family once he heard that his first wife wasn't really dead.

The 10 Cosplayers Who Just Barely Cared, and the 8 Loveliest Leias of SDCC

I'm amazed the live-action Rick Roll guy didn't have a black eye and several bruises.

And fair warning: the "Loveiest Leias" include a Padme.

My favorite caption: This picture also serves as a seek-and-find puzzle—see if you can locate: Marion Ravenwood, the Burger King, a unicorn, Superman, an X-Wing pilot, and any fanboy not taking a picture to prove to his girlfriend that see, a lot of girls do it.


  1. I just want to say, the box on the ten worst list, is actually clever if it is supposed to be Solid Snake from Metal Gear.

  2. That Solid Snake costume (aka the box) is freaking awesome.

  3. Agree on Cyclops there. Reed Richards, for all his blundering, is like Homer Simpson... you know he's coming back to Sue in the end. Heck, in all What If's where he lost Sue, he goes crazy.

  4. Yeah, that's what I thought it was too.
    Sadly, I now need a new costume idea for our Video Game Theme Show night now...

  5. Not the one where Spidey joined the Fantastic Four. The one where Sue winds up trapped in Atlantis forever? Of course, that one ended before we got a chance to see Reed go nuts...

  6. Srsly I thought it was weird that Scott just found himself another redhead but the abandoning of her, drove me up a wall! Oh and the fact that at one point it seemed to be okay to just let the baby be Jean's and screw over Maddie even more. I'd become Goblin Queen too :P