Thursday, May 15, 2008

Redefining My Tolerance Line Again.

I consider myself to be an intelligent and tolerant person. My list of People Who I Can Not Ever Take Seriously Because Of Their Beliefs is limited to six groups. In no particular order...

1. Anyone who preaches that one skin color is better than another.

2. Anyone who argues that one gender is superior to the other. (Remember this one - it will be important in a minute.)

3. Anyone who preaches that one religion is better than the other "because mine is the one true religion".

4. Anyone who would willingly vote for Ron Paul. (Sorry if that offends any of you, but I used to live in the guy's district and he IS a racist wackjob. I don't care if he does want to cut your taxes and legalize weed.)

5. Anyone who mindlessly submits to authority because of a badge, a fancy hat or a uniform. This goes double for those who believe that military service should be a requirement for holding public office or the right to vote. This goes triple for those who believe this despite having never served themselves.

6. Anyone who argues for lowering the age of consent to the point where pedophilia is legal.

I can now add a seventh group to this list, having read this.

7. Anyone who equates male feminists with unicorns and other make-believe creatures.

Because the minute someone mocks my existence is the minute I get to stop taking them seriously as an intellectual equal.


  1. I couldn't even read it. I got about a sentence in, and I just went, "No, it'll just make me mad". My fiance also registers his complaint.

  2. I managed to get through both parts. Barely.
    The short version is that - basically - she has problems with...
    a) marriage being depicted as virtual slavery (even though it turns out Saffron is just playing the submissive farm girl)
    b) Zoe being "an unrealistic character" being unsympathetic to a fellow woman who is too poorly educated to see herself as anything other than a wife. Because - you know - there's not a single independent woman anywhere who is dismissive and insulting of women who want nothing but to be a wife and mother.
    c) the depiction and threat of violence against a woman as Mal tracks down Saffron, even though she DID just try to kill him and his crew.
    d) Mal being written as the tough, but sensitive man. Because those don't exist anywhere.