Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Irony At The Comic Con.

This is my funniest story from All-Con this past weekend.

I helped some of my acting-troupe friends with their table at one point and hired the artist in the next booth over to do a Red Sonja sketch for my girlfriend. I asked about his influences, tried to talk shop about my favorite comic artists and discovered two things.

1.) Said artist is a disciple of Dave Sim.
2.) He thinks Neal Adams has some "really weird ideas".

Now, granting that I am somewhat disturbed to find that my favorite Bronze-Age artist doesn't believe in basic geological theory or the Big Bang and has made movies and comics to prove his own theories, I still think that pales to any self-described disciple of a man who is most famous, outside of his comics writing, for having created his own religion and exposing the theory that women are creative "voids" who sap the creative "lights" (i.e. Precious Bodily Fluids!) of men after having done a lot of acid and being dragged to the hospital by his wife and mother, saying that ANYBODY has wacky ideas.

Mind you, it IS a damn good Red Sonja drawing. So damn the hypocrisy - the man can draw!


  1. *saps your creative lights and sells them on ebay* >:D
    I wanna see that drawing now D: At least it was good! :] I guess I must have missed him on my list of men to sap! :D

  2. Will you posting a link to the Red Sonja picture afterwards?
    And frankly, I'd take Neal Adams philosophy over the sheer stupidity and sexism of Dave Sim's any other day of the week. Plus, you could take Neal Adam's ideas and make a neat Sci-FI TV movie from it.

  3. See my reply to big_wired as to why I didn't post the picture.

  4. I would have scanned the picture or taken one and included it with this post except that...
    a) the picture is too big to fit on my scanner
    b) my girlfriend, who lives 1000 miles away, has my digital camera.
    Sorry kids. You'll just have to use your imagination.

  5. You should recreate it very roughly in paintbrush for fun! XD