Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two comments I'm making right now.

1. Superman will be a Blue Lantern. Not just because the guy is pretty much the embodiment of Hope as a force but because of a neat bit of foreshadowing in Green Lantern: Rebirth where Batman says "Hoping is what you do best, Clark."

2. If you needed any further proof that Joe Quesada has gone completely insane, he has apparently officially declared that the only part of J. Michael Straczynski's run on Amazing Spider-Man that still counts in regular Marvel continuity is Sins Past. Coincidentally, this is the OTHER story during JMS' Spider-Man run where Joey Q. pulled editorial rank in order to get his way and is perhaps the only story in the last ten years more loathed and despised than One More Day.


  1. Ok, so... One More Day doesn't count now? This stuff is way confusing. The only Spider-Man book I like right now is New Avengers. And that doesn't really count. ;)
    PS: Red lanterns rock!

  2. Well, obviously One More Day counts as it's what rebooted history in the first place. But technically speaking, it never happened.
    Honestly, most comic book physics could confuse Stephen Hawking.
    You want the honest answer? I think they ripped off Back to the Future II only now nobody, except Mephisto, remembers that Biff Tannen used to be an idiot errand boy for the McFly family and not a casino-owning mogul. Or that Peter and MJ were married. Or whatever.
    Gotta suck for JMS though. After the big deal they made about how he had to be the one to write the final story that would end the Peter/MJ relationship, they dedicate THAT issue to him, talk about the great contributions he made to the mythos... and then turn around and say that none of it was worth shit now.
    Fuck Marvel. Seriously.

  3. Well, Joe obviously did his best work as an artist. Kind of like McFarlane. If he'd just shut up and draw, he'd be great. I wonder when the last time Todd even picked up a pencil.

  4. Heh. There was a joke about Todd in the first Cimenatic Titanic episode.
    I won't spoil it except to say that Joel made it and Josh responded "Collect all four alternative action figures!"

  5. Awesome ... I'd love to see Clark as a blue lantern in the style in which he was portrayed in ~Morrison's JLA run in his dream state as the key.
    As for JQ... I honestly don't know what to say. All I can say is that he is the reason i did not name my new son Joeseph today.

  6. Dear Marvel... this is the continued reason I give my money only to the japanese comic industry now. So Long and Thanks for all the fish.