Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fast Thoughts For 01/09/07

This week's fast thoughts brought to you by my girlfriend, Sierra. For without the comics I buy her, this would have been my second week without buying a single new comic.

RED SONJA: DOOM OF THE GODS #4 (OF 4) - Were it not for the T&A nonsense-fest that was Frank Cho's Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes, I think this might well rank as the worst story done with Red Sonja since the revival of her monthly comic.

Robert Howard Purists and fans of the original Marvel Conan series are advised to stay well away from this one... for not only does this film do a half-assed job of trying to set itself into Howard's world (i.e. Sonja's companion is a black-skinned Nemedian bard when Nemedia is one of the light-skinned Hyborean races) while referring to the continuity of the Conan movies (i.e. the version of Thulsa Doom we see here is the same one played by James Earl Jones) while blatantly ignoring the continuity of said world (i.e. Thulsa Doom is a villain from the days of King Kull, who came about several thousand years BEFORE the time of Conan and Sonja) and trying to set itself up as being a foreshadowing of the role Doom would eventually play in the Conancomics as a lich (i.e his immortal head becoming a flaming skull).

It's the continuity of three different versions of the Conan Mythos (four if you don't consider any story with Red Sonja to be true Conan as some purists do), mixed and mashed together into a most unhealthy shake. Avoid like the plague.

SHEENA #4 - The prayers of all thinking comic-fans and people of good taste have been answered. Sheena is to become a monthly series and after a brief delays (no doubt caused by the sudden reshuffling of the final issues to allow for a continuation), the world's first monthly-published superheroine is back.

You want proof that it is possible to do a comic about a strong, smart, independent and sexily clad but not scantily clad heroine that can succeed without pandering to the lowest common denominator ala Jungle Girl and Shanna? Look no further than this issue, in which a wounded Sheena - with nothing more than the resources of the jungle and a whole lot of cunning, takes down the small mercenary army that is hunting her.

Do not miss the final two pages and what may well be the funniest moment in comics in forever.

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