Monday, January 21, 2008

Dammit. I might have to watch Smallville now...

... because it looks like they finally got a costume - for the most part - right.

Much as the purist in me wants to complain about the short hair (reminds me too much of the uber-butch ninties comics portrayals), I do recognize that it's a lot more practical... as is a paint mask instead of a spirit-gummed domino mask.

But the boy shorts... the jacket... and a top that in the other photos doesn't offer any chance of slipping out... they finally managed to make something that is sexy AND practical.

Now get Ollie a beard!


  1. THPPPPPPPPPT. Jaw length hair is practical too.

  2. I agree. But all things considered, this isn't quite as bad as Ollie with the sunglasses AND a hood AND a compound bow with pullies... and NO BEARD!!!

  3. Er, not in my personal experience. Your Mileage May Vary, of course. In fact, I went from a jaw-length pseudo-bob to, well, pretty much what Canary's got in the photo precisely because I was tired of my hair being in my eyes every time I stepped outside in anything other than a dead calm. Shoulder or mid-back length was easier because I could at least put it up in a ponytail if I had to.
    That said, I'm not particularly emotionally invested in Smallville or Black Canary.
    Here via WFA to add my two cents.

  4. Having long hair myself (top of shoulder blades) and remembering the awkward two months in which it was too short to tie back but yet long enough to be "long", I can buy that.