Monday, December 3, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 11 - Powerless

This week's thoughts done as I watch the show.

Oh gods... Maya finally wakes up to the psycho killer thing only to wind up in a Mexican Stand-Off. Here's hoping Sylar finally loses his patience and kills her later.

The Hiro/Peter fight went longer than I thought. Give Hiro credit for knowing how to stick and move. He still needs to work on that whole "know when to kill the guy and know when to slit their throat" thing. Still, looks like he's gotten Peter to start thinking a bit.

Matt and Nathan know where to go now. Nice. Figure Matt will go for an non-lethal way to bring down Adam and Peter while Nathan tries to talk more sense into Peter.

Claire is so adorably idealistic. Mama Bennet is showing some steel too.

Micah and powerless Niki as the calvary. Saw that coming too.

Awww.. I was hoping Bennet would use the rubber ball to take down the electric girl somehow. He could do it, too. :) I hope Elle doesn't die though. Even though it seems likely she's about to do a redemption thing here, I love Kristen Bell too much as this character to see her die now.

Speaking of which... she just spotted Sylar in New York. Please don't let Sylar kill Elle. At least without killing Maya first.

Hee. Micah kicks ass. "I told them to."

Hee hee... Matt's riding Nathan.

Hee hee hee. "Flying Man!"

Geez. Bennet couldn't have shown up two minutes sooner before West flew out of Claire's life and out of the series?

Oh, god... Maya, you are SO stupid to not have figured out that your brother is dead without a clairvoyant. Just die already...


That was fast.

That noise you just heard? 8.2 fanboys and fangirls cheering. Thank you Sylar!


"The heal anything blood?" Good idea, Sylar - kill her so you can kill her again! And make it more painful this time.

Damnit. Bennet kicks so much ass.

Okay... I know that we need to build the dramatic tension but Dammit.. let Hiro at least stop him and take the sword away!

Also, I call total bullshit on Peter being able to resist Matt. Matt took down a telepath with 30 years more experience under duress. Emo McPatsy should have been cake.

Hey... why didn't Peter just walk through the vault door? Oh yeah... telekinetics looks cooler. I guess.

Huh. Another press conference to out the Company.

Oh damn. Now Elle is going to get killed and Maya is probably going to recover. Damn you, Jeph Loeb!

And... *sighs* I saw this coming. But damnit... not Niki. I guess we never will get an answer on that shifting tattoo. Unless... wait... she already has a healing factor, like Peter did and that's why his tattoo didn't stick!

Please don't die. Please don't die. Please don't die.

Damn. Hiro is hardcore AND a genius. Bury the man who can't die alive. Only shouldn't he run out of air eventually? Guess the healing factor keeps you from needing to breathe too.

I saw this one coming too but... damn. Just as Nathan became a cool character. So who was the assassin? I'm thinking Bennet and the Haitian, simply because Matt looked shocked - like he knew who the assassin was and Haitian could keep both Matt and Peter from using their powers in case one of them got the idea that "Well, Nathan can't fly... but I can shoot sparks out of my hands.."

So yeah... great episode. Yay Kristen Bell not being dead! But damn...

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