Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 12/12/07

All Green Lantern Books will be fully reviewed in an extra-long Looking To The Stars this weekend.

FABLES #68: Still the best book on the stands, period.

SPIDER-MAN/RED SONJA #5: Am I the only one mildly amused by this story - so dependent upon the unbreakable bond of love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane - coming to a conclusion at the same time that One More Day threatens to forever end that relationship because no good stories can be told about the Peter/MJ relationship after they got married?

Folks, you only need to look at this story - goofy as it is - to see that's not so.

In fact, the only criticism that I can make about this book is that they did not go for the obvious joke and have Mary Jane - restored to normal after New York becomes de-Hyboriified - come to in the chainmail bikini and ask Peter, sternly, why the hell she's dressed like that.

WONDER WOMAN #15: No sophomore slump for Simone, this series continues to get more and more intriguing. I'm grateful for any chance we get to see Hippolyta show off her warrior skills and it's always interesting to see how the other mythological pantheons in the DC Universe react to the natural world. All this, and Wonder Woman beating a Nazi senseless. This would have been the best book all week, had it not been for Green Lantern #25. And even then, it is close.


  1. Just as a footnote to your point, GL #25 was pretty bad-ass. I pretty much thought the Sinestro War is about as close to hitting rock bottom as far as how bad things could get for the Corps. Looks like that might not even be close. ;)

  2. As my friend Scott said, "Suck it, Marvel Zombies!"