Monday, November 12, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 8 - Four Months Ago

Peter/Nathan - Glad to have it resolved just how Nathan survived, what the deal was with the visions of his burned self and where the heck Peter has been all this time. Clearly The Company is big enough that Bob was able to keep Peter under wraps without Angela being any bit the wiser.

Elle - Huh. Sociopath who likes electric-play. Again, I can hear the fanfic being written across the Internet as we speak.

Angela - More hints that she has some kind of power involving hyperpersuasion. There were hints of this last season with her touching people as she's trying to get them to listen to her (i.e. talking a reluctant Nathan into going along with the plan to let Peter die)

Niki - Okay. On the one hand, I'm glad they've finally confirmed that she's DiD. And I think - now that they HAVE confirmed that - Ali Larter's acting has become a lot better as a result since we got to see her do a lot more this episode than "intense/sultry" and "worried". On the other hand, that STILL does nothing to explain the vanishing tatoo.

DL - I liked the guy last season and now I'm pissed as hell that not only did he find a way to redeem himself AND use his powers in a way that let him be an effective hero... but that he went down like a total punk. He didn't even get the dignity of last season when he almost got killed taking a bullet for Niki, tossing himself between her and Linderman.

Maya - Okay... did we REALLY need another two instances of her freaking out and killing random extras? She can't control her powers and her brother can defuse hers while being immune to what she does. WE GET IT. It has been established TO DEATH. Get on with Sylar killing them!

What makes this last part truly annoying is when you consider all the people who COULD have gotten a scene here but didn't and all the stuff that could have been shown. Like, say...

1. Bennet having to explain EVERYTHING to his wife and son and why they'll be moving.

2. The reaction to Linderman's death. I'd just love to see Candice's reaction that her meal-ticket just snuffed it.

3. Matt having to explain to his wife where he'd been for the last few weeks.

4. Matt meeting with Mohinder and going about figuring out how a soon-to-be divorcee and an immigrant/visiting alien are going to adopt a young girl.

5. How The Bloody Fornication Did Sylar Get Away, Get Captured By The Company And Wind Up In Mexico?


  1. You don't love the Typhoid Twins? That is unpossible! All must love them! They have angst! And if the writers of Heroes have learned anything from their "homages" to old X-men plots, EVERYONE loves the angst!
    But yeah, D.L's death was utter bull. He had like two, three seconds warning easy. And he didn't phase? Boo!
    I did like seeing the Haitian physically beat down Peter at the end though...

  2. Yeah... I just realized he could easily have phased himself AND Niki through anything by that point.