Thursday, November 15, 2007


I just got forwarded an e-mail from the head editor at Comics Nexus.

Seems somebody has become so offended by my Titans East review that not only does he refuse to get comics news from us anymore (which is odd as the site switched to a mostly-reviews/criticism format a LONG time ago anyway) but he is going to "have us added to the corporate block site at work".

That's probably for the best, anyway. Unless you work for a comic company, you probably shouldn't be reading about comics at work. I know my workplace frowns upon such things.

I just can't help but reflect upon how funny it is I only ever hear this boo-hoo-hoo stuff from Judd Winick fans and not... oh... say... Chuck Dixon fans.

I'm going to bed. Work tomorrow and then.... Wizard World.


  1. Oh god, hide the kegs and the women!!! looking2dastars is going to give me a review, and it's not going to be nice!!!!!
    GAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Runs from the room*
    You've gotta be kidding me.
    So I guess in a way congratulations are in order for your first "official" banning then??

  2. Duke Phillips: Why have you got to be so critical?
    Jay Sherman: I'm a CRITIC!