Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 11/21/07

Very, very fast thoughts as I picked up a lot of books this week and only have so much time to write before I have to hit the road for Thanksgiving Dinner.

BATMAN ANNUAL #26: I don't care what you Greg Rucka fans say - killing off Ra's was a mistake and thank goodness Peter Milligan is here to correct it.

BIRDS OF PREY #112: I'm going to miss Tony Bedard on this title. Hell, I'm already missing him on every title he's helped write in the past six months. What's wrong with nice, fun stories like this where nobody dies and there's cute cameos by Hal Jordan and Cowgirl?

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #8: The first issue of this comic I didn't enjoy completely. Then again, I've never been a huge fan of The Flash or The Doom Patrol. And yet I have to ask...since when has Elastic Girl been a stretcher instead of a grower? I trust Mark Waid to know what he's doing in keeping track of these things but still... I always thought she was a giantess.

CONAN #46: This issue seems a fitting contribution to the mythos, for while Howard said that Conan was inspired by his grandfather's tales of far away lands and was easily bored by his own people, we have never been told of the impetus for how Conan came to leave home. This story, which Kurt Busiek ties into some of his own tales of Conan, seems a fitting answer to that question.

DETECTIVE COMICS #838: Even if you're not collecting this for the Return of Ra's, this issue is worth grabbing just for the scene where Ra's tries to win over Tim Drake. Some of the best verbal sparring in recent memory.

EX MACHINA #32: Should I feel ashamed that I found myself more interested by Mitchell Hundred's nightmares and the visions of supervillains fought in the past rather the current storyline involving a plot to turn Mitchell into a living weapon against The Pope?

HELLBLAZER #238: One of the best one-shot Hellblazer stories ever, with John reluctantly going on a rescue mission to save some urban explores caught in a shadow London where urban myths are real. Great story though a part of me wonders... wasn't Map killed off in the Mike Carey run of this book? Ah well... set it before that and it works just fine.

NIGHTWING #138: I look at Tiger Moth, Dragonfly and Silken Spider... and I think about how much I miss The Ravens and The Body Doubles, who were very much the same concept but not nearly as much of a joke, even when they were jokes.

RED SONJA #27: I'm still trying to figure out how an infamous evil wizard got elevated to godhood and wishing that Sonja would ditch the idiot millstone crew she finds herself saddled with. Still, this book is not a bad read though I suspect it reads better in the TP.

ROBIN #168: Tim is too smart to be this stupid. A rare miss from Milligan.

Gone on vacation from comics. I'll see you all in a week.

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  1. She still is a giantess. Look closer during the latter scenes and you'll see Elasti-Girl at an enlarged size, albeit in the background. But historically she has also had the power to enlarge only parts of her body at a time (usually her arm). However, I also wasn't aware she stretched like she did in that scene with the kids.
    Never mind all that, though. What was she doing with that perpetual Joker-Grin?