Monday, October 8, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 3 - Kindred

I think we all saw Claire and Flyboy hooking up coming a mile away. Still, nice to see her having some happiness... even as the specter of her dad's old life comes back to ruin it.

Mohinder is a shlub. He will always be a shlub. He has become a black hole of shlubbiness with no escape velocity possible. Now taking bets on how many episodes it will be before Matt wises up, grabs Molly and gets them the hell out of there before they wind up back on an operating table. Again.

Sylar is loose again. That's bad. However, he's a hell of a lot more powerless. That's good. I'm interested in why he can't get Candice's power to work. My personal theory? His super-logical "I understand how everything ticks" brain can't comprehend how to use an ability that requires pure emotional input - boy doesn't have the imagination needed to rework reality.

I also wonder how long it will be before Mohinder figures out that The Company has been sitting on Sylar in some capacity (remember - Candice called someone before Sylar woke up) and been keeping him alive.

Nice to see Peter getting a victory of some kind. I'll be glad if he never goes back, if only because The Irish Hooligans are growing on me. Question: Did he lose his new tatoo because of his healing powers... or something more sinister involving his new Irish girlfriend and The Company?

Hiro? Adorable, even if he did basically say "Screw the Space Time Continuium - I wanna stay in Never Never Land!" Unless he can't teleport again and is covering up that fact to prevent Ando from worrying.

Between Hiro/Ando and Matt/Mohinder, this show must be inspire so much bad fanfic.

Shame to see D.L. is dead. I really liked him.

Lt. Uhura is a distance relative on his side in New Orleans. What relation, I wonder? Because it's going to be really lame for them to have her come into this show just for a babysitting role after bringing Sulu on to play Hiro's dad.

Now here's the big question; what is this cure Niki is after?

Something to get rid of her powers forever? It would fit her personality as she's been one of those most desiring a normal life rid of the craziness that Linderman and The Company caused her and I can see that desire increasing with DL out of the picture. Or maybe she has Molly's disease and is looking to stop herself from dying? That's also plausable and I can see her giving herself to The Company, if only to keep them from coming after Micah if she dies.

And speaking of cures and diseases- Maya and her brother are coming to California. You did catch that the bumpersticker on the back of the car they drove off in with their fellow escapee had the name of Claire's high school mascot, right? ;)

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