Monday, October 1, 2007

Thoughts on HEROES: Week 1 and Week 2


Wow. Hiro hero-worship. So funny and yet so... sad. And is it just me or does Kensei look and sound like Cary Elwes?

Nice to see Mohinder being given something to do besides being the walking rube.

Ditto Matt being creative with his powers and being a lot less of the whinny bitch he was for most of the first season. Can't help but wonder if his wife's baby is his. Somehow, I don't see Matt being the type to abandon a woman who is having his child. Then again, I can see his wife not giving him much of a choice.

And hey - how about two single guys raising a girl together. I can hear the slash-fic being written already.

Claire. Oh, you still rock. Even if it does look like you're getting manipulated by a creepy flying stalker.

Bennet is still a bad-ass, even if he is in a dorky shirt and nametag.

Maya and her brother are interesting, though the comic explains what is going on with them a lot better. At least, it suggests that she is a walking plague carrier and her brother is a natural cure.

I find Nathan so much more likeable now that he's a guilt-ridden alcoholic. Ironically, it's given him a lot more of a spine.

Speaking of which - the man who killed Hiro's dad. I think it was Nathan. He was in a position to know all of mom's friends and figure out who was involved in the whole plan to rig the explosion and set him up on the path to the White House. Plus, it would explain how he was able to get away so fast without being seen.

And... hey it's Peter. In a box. In chains. With no shirt. Wearing what appears to the The Haitian's necklace. And unable to remember anything. I sense bad slash-fic being written somewhere...


Hmm. More Isaac paintings. Looks like my favorite character still has a presence.

Nice to see Hiro playing hero. I wondered if he would actually step in to replace Kensei or would keep wasting time trying to inspire the drunk that is the real Kensei. Still, it looks as if he isn't without his own resources. Another regenerator. Cool.

Peter's plot is thickening nicely. In the first season, his powers were dependent on him being able to remember a person and think of them to access the power they had. Now, not only is he accessing powers as needed without any memories, he's accessing powers he probably wasn't aware he ever had ever come in contact with (i.e. he phases through the ropes keeping him tied up, despite never having seen DL Hawkins, who get got close to once, phase through something)

Ah - Mohinder the Rube is back. Looks like any theories about The Haitian being involved in Peter's amnesia may be out... although it'll be nice to see him joining up with Team Bennet again... which begs the question of just how he was able to find him again.

Just like I thought - Maya is a Typhoid Mary (the real one, not the Daredevil villain) and her brother is a natural vaccine. No idea on if this will figure in with the virus Mohinder is fighting.

Hmmm... someone tries to take out Mama Petrelli. Someone who can disappear, mess with electrics... and Nathan just happened to be there. Maybe he's teaming with Claude?

Not much for Claire this week. I'm surprised we didn't see Mr. Muggles eat the toe. :)


  1. I want an icon of a disraught looking Hiro with Kensai with the text "THIS ISN'T CANNON!"
    That is all.

  2. When did I become the Icon Making Guy?
    Oh yeah... last week.
    Find me the picture and I'll see what I can do.

  3. Oh, no neccessarily you. Just someone. I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet.