Monday, September 24, 2007

The Best Of The Reviews of the GA/BC Wedding (Not Very) Special.

I promised myself I wasn't going to review this book. It's much better for my blood pressure that way and my explaining how truly madly deeply bad Judd Winick is at writing Green Arrow AND Black Canary has now reached the point of self-parody.

Hell, I'm barely holding back after the interview where Judd admitted that a) he was pretty much forced into writing the wedding special and b) they were going to kill Dinah off before TPTB decided it would be more interesting if Ollie were to die.

Still, people wanted to know what I thought about the wedding special. Apart from that, to quote Jay Sherman, "It Stinks!"

Thankfully, I'm far from the only person who seems to have loathed this comic. Indeed, the people who liked it for any reason apart from the art are few and far between. So I've collected all of the best reviews and critiques of the comic in question and gathered them up with links and my pick of the best line from each review.

I am done with Green Arrow. - According to Mr. Winick, Black Canary cannot fight. She cannot do anything on her own but have sex and make cookies. He truly is pioneering in the field of feminism.

Sweet? Or Clusterfrig? You make the call. ) - Anyway - there is one more fun part where it shows the various other members of Evil-Doers Inc, or whatever, being rounded up while Dinah yells at them using language that makes even Guy Gardner shield his delicate ears, but - onto the honeymoon.

The Wedding of Doom! - Ah. In Judd we trust to fail, right? Particularly when it comes to decent characterization, respect for women, and a coherent plot.

The Wedding Special While I've no doubt that my reaction to Judd Winick being handed one of the best, strongest, and most popular female characters in the DC Universe would be massively entertaining I refuse to subject myself to it.

Spoileriffic Wedding Special reactions - It meant she needed saving from Deathstroke again - twice in as many months. Isn't this the same woman who went toe-to-toe with Deathstroke in the Birds, and who sent him scurrying off?

Weekly Haul for September 19th - To make a short story very long then, going in, everything about this marriage feels extremely false.

Let’s destroy the viability of this franchise! - CANARY CRY? No. Canary whimper.

Here Comes The Bride; There Goes The Reader - If the idea is that canceling Green Arrow and making it Green Arrow/ Black Canary will bring Canary-fans to prop up Green Arrow’s failing fanbase, then surely the Canary that shows up should be familiar to those fans?.

Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special: The Return Of ........
- Memo to Judd Winick: Dinah Lance aka Black Canary is one of the top martial artists in the DC Universe. She definitely has more moves at her disposal than kicking a man in the nards!

A correspondence I'd like to see...

Scene from "The Making of the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special"

BC/GA Wedding Issue Review (or lack there of) - Canary, apparently losing her mind, more than any woman ever has in history of weddings, leaves the fight and runs after her ring. This is supposed to be funny, but it is offensive. Everyone is in mortal danger and one of the most skilled fighters in the DCU is worried about her wedding ring.

And finally, the one POSITIVE review I read in all of this (which I included only because it has a scan of the page where Dinah is casually lounging around the house in bra, panties and fuzzy high-heeled slippers...)

This Week's Haul: The Sexiest Week Ever
- Amanda Conner was a great choice for the art because no one does cheesecake better than her.

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