Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I take back every good thing I ever said about Tony Bedard... (EDITED)

... or, at the very least, every thing I said about DC Comics editorial having a better grasp on their own continuity and history than Marvel Comics.

Why? Birds of Prey #109. Out today. Check the third panel from the top.

For those of you who don't like big images, let me quote the offending text.

Barbara Gordon: "It's my business to know that stuff, Dinah. He fathered Connor with that ninja woman, for starters."

Dinah Lance: "Shado shot him and drugged him. Ever wonder how he felt about being raped?"


I shouldn't have to explain this to anyone at DC Comics besides Judd Winick, but here it goes...


This isn't hard, people. Even Wikipedia managed to get this one right!

I mean, even ignoring that we saw Connor and Shado's son together during the recent Dragon's Blood mini-series that just came out a scant few months ago...

DUDE! That's your mom! Apparently...


And to think... I was going to write a full, in-depth defense of Black Canary #4 before I picked up my comics tonight...


See this entry for the latest news and Tony Bedard's redemption.


  1. On the plus side, thank GOD someone is finally, in continuity, acknowledging that what Shado did to Ollie was RAPE and not romance. Jeez louise.

  2. I also like Dinah's acknowledgement that paranoia got the better of her regarding Marianne and that all that happened before Dinah kicked Ollie out of the house was one kiss, which Marianne initiated.
    That's what baffles me so much about this issue - Bedard NAILED the continuity regarding all the times Ollie "cheated" on Dinah. Indeed, Dinah's arguments sound similar to my own and Babs' entire line of questioning seems to have been taken word-for-word off the web from any number of "Ollie sucks - what does Dinah see in him?" rants.
    So why didn't he nail a much less obscure point, covered in comics written within the last year?
    It doesn't make any sense!
    I wound up reviewing the issue in more detail, discussing the parts I DID like in my latest column. I'd welcome your thoughts over there, as well. :)

  3. I give points to Bedard for apologizing - it's an actual apology, not waffling or trying to pass the buck:
    Yeah, folks, this is just a good old fashioned f*ck-up on my part. Sorry.
    To be honest, I probably took on too much work over the last year and rushed, uninformed stuff like this crept in. I have no idea where I got the notion that Shado was Connor's mom, but I did think that. I appreciate the mistake being pointed out, and I hope it didn't ruin the rest of the issue.
    I recently made another mistake in SUPERGIRL 20, where I said a veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu was a former Marine, when the people who fought that fight were Army Rangers and Delta Force.
    These may seem like small errors, but they show a basic ignorance and lack or respect for the facts on my part.
    From his forum on CBR (although I picked it up from Girl-Wonder).

  4. Yes. I saw the same apology and responded in a later blogpost on Thursday.
    Thanks for making sure I heard the good news, though. :)