Thursday, July 26, 2007

Too Many Cheap Shots To Count: Jenna Jameson is creating and staring in her own series of comic books for Virgin Comics.

Every obvious joke about this has already been made.

The irony of a porn star being published by Virgin Comics? Noted.

Greg Horn(dog) doing the covers? Noted.

Semi-serious questions regarding whether porn-tracing Marvel Comics artist Greg Land will be working on this line? Done to Death.

Which leaves me with only one joke left that has not been done to death.

Q: Why did Virgin Comics decide to hire Jenna Jameson as a comics writer?
A: They figured that since all of their comics already suck, they may as well hire a professional who really knows how to suck harder.

Seriously though... I have to wonder who the market for a book starring Jenna Jameson with no sex is? Female comic fans, for the most part, will likely avoid this like the plague. Jameson fans probably will avoid anything that doesn't involve her... well, "at work" so to speak. And male comic fans who are willing to read what will likely be a series with a greater focus on cheesecake artwork than quality storytelling already have numerous titles than can read with less of a stigma than a book affiliated with a famous porn star.

But hey - maybe I'm presuming too much in thinking that the readers of Lady Death and everything put out by Avatar Press have a sense of shame?


  1. How about this one:
    She's taken so many shots to the face she should be in a Garth Ennis comic.

  2. My new theory is that the people running Virgin Enterprises have gotten into a rich-man's contest, ala Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold, in order to see who can lose the most money fastes on failed business ventures.
    Getting a porn star to do a series of non-pornographic comics seems like a likely attempt at such a thing.

  3. There's a LOT of things that have happened to her that have happened to people in Garth Ennis comics. ;)

  4. This is Nalyd Psycho from the Inside Pulse forums.
    Just thought I'd mention, Virgin does publish one seriously awesome book, Walk In, created by Dave Stewart, the other half of the band The Eurythmics. Very fun trippy book.
    And I make no comment on the actual subject of this topic, because it isn't even worthy of mockary, thus putting it lower on the comics totem than Chuck Austen and Rob Liefeld making a Gambit comic.