Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Long Awaited Review of Green Arrow: Year One #1

I double checked with my comic shop and yes, they DID sell out of the book.

Even though I had to go to THE OTHER comic shop to get it, I'm not too upset.

It's the first time a Green Arrow book came even close to selling out that I heard of in recent memory.

So what did I think of it?


Neatly modernized Ollie from industrialist turned hippie into an adventure-seeking playboy, ahead of his time in the extreme-sports craze

Establishes Ollie having a social conscience even before he lost his fortune.

Establishes Ollie being willing to tell off the fat-cats (albeit after a few drinks)

Neatly reestablishes the Howard Hill connection (Howard Hill was the archer who did all the stunt work on the Errol Flynn Robin Hood picture) first created by Mike Grell, albeit Ollie now buys his infamous longbow at a charity auction rather than recieving it is a gift. Still, a young Ollie apparently did take archery lessons from Howard Hill as a boy.

Establishes another Errol Flynn connection with Ollie being an avid sailor - a vocation that Flynn enjoyed before he achieved stardom and a hobby he enjoyed afterward.

Estatblishes that Ollie is a bit of a spoiled brat and a jerk... but that there is a nice guy trying to get out.

Despite all his faults, Ollie actually is a likeable character in this.


Only three more issues to go.

Jock and Diggle aren't taking over the Green Arrow/Black Canary book in four months.

Overall? Best book all week.

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