Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 7/25/07

In the interest of keeping things really, really fast - only one sentence to describe each book this week. :)

ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER #6: - Even in a parallel world where she's a stereotypical Irish Immigrant, Black Canary is still written as an incompetent bimbo.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #542: Easily the best Peter Parker story in years.

BATMAN #666: It's the God-damned Batman!

GREEN ARROW YEAR ONE #2: This is without a doubt the best presentation of Oliver Queen in a graphic novel since the days of Mike Grell.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #14: I have no idea what I'm looking at on the last page but I'm sure it isn't good.

HELLBLAZER #234: The magnificent bastard rides again under Andy Diggle's skillful pen.

RED SONJA #24: Finally, the random plot threads come together.

SHEENA #2: At once a classic action story worthy of Will Eisner himself and a skillful modern reconstruction of a classic comic-heroine archtype, Sheena may spawn many nameless imitators but there is no substitute for the original Queen of the Jungle.

TEEN TITANS #49: Nice to see Superman finally remembered he's faster than a speeding bullet after letting all those amazons get mowed down in Amazons Attack #4.

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