Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 7/11/07

It seems that my comic shop is failing me on a spectacular level.

Last week, I had to scramble to get a copy of Sheena because it wasn't added to my pull-list, despite my request when I opened my pull-list a few months ago.

This week, I found out that Green Arrow: Year One #1 wasn't on my pull-list either, as I filled out the paperwork to add both books (as well as any and all Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps tie-ins) to my list. It wasn't until I got home and started checking e-mail that I found out that Green Arrow: Year One #1 come out today.

Apparently my comic shop ran out of it before I go there, as I didn't see it on the shelf.

So for now, here's my fast thoughts on everything I DID get to read this week.

Look for a very special review of Green Arrow: Year One #1 later this week.

COUNTDOWN #42 - Page by page, my thoughts.

Cover - Shouldn't they have saved this for Mary in a bikini?

p. 1-3 - Hmmm... is this how it played out or is this just a nightmare?

p. 4 - Huh. So Deadshot found their costumes and dressed them up in their costumes before tying them up. Kinky. But I have to ask, why does Deadshot give a flying flip about someone killing a superhero? Answer - someone must be paying him to care.

p. 5 - Just two issues for them to go total fan-service on Mary's new skirt. Still, at least it looks like she IS wearing underwear, though it might be a thong.

p. 6 - I think Riddler is much more interesting as a good guy. There. I said it.

p. 7-8 - There's something about Harley Quinn doing acrobatics in a mini-toga that is just... so... inspiring of thoughts unworthy of an enlightened 21st century male. Hmm... I think I detect a theme with all of the reforming baddies.

p. 9-11 - How can we make the Donna Troy/Jason Todd storyline even more uninteresting? I know! Let's add the new Atom!

p. 12-13 - How DOES that skirt stay down with all that wind rushing around?

p. 14 - Yep. Defintely wearing a thong.

p. 15-16 - And here, guest-writing for two-pages... Judd Winick presents "The Snarky, I Hate Everyone" Batman!

p. 17 - Nice to see Lois Lane acting like Lois again instead of being Jimmy Olsen's cheerleader.

p. 18-19 - And this, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the scene I've been waiting ten issues to see: James Jesse doing what he does best.

p. 20 - That was sudden. Still, even though I know how Trickster going to get out of this one (he still has his Air Walkers) ... I did NOT see that coming... mostly because of the bad transition between 19 and 20. Also, who is talking; Trickster or Piper? Piper would make sense but the balloon is going to Trickster.

p. 21-24 - Blah, blah, blah. Is ANYONE even reading this History of the Multiverse thing?

FABLES #63 - Slowly building to the epic conclusion. I wish that we could cut to the chase, yet I wish it would last forever. Is this how it felt when The Sandman (which was just before my time, but only just...) ended?

GREEN LANTERN #21 - I loved this issue, but I fear it might be somewhat inaccesible to someone who doesn't know the full rich history of The Green Lantern Corps. I think perhaps I may have to write a column to do something about that. Something somewhat akin to Jess Nevin's website, but without getting bogged down in the names of every darn Lantern in the background artwork.

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #7 - Now here is another book that is Geoff Johns doing what Geoff Johns does best, but somewhat more smoothly than in the new Green Lantern. A new hero is introduced in events that recall what happened in earlier issues of JSA but do not require you to have read that issue. You get introduced to the history but without it being a tedious lecture or a text box.

And as for this new hero... well, I'm interested to see what they do with him... which is more than I can say before I opened it, as I've never been a big fan of Commander Steel, Steel or any other character with Steel in his name apart from John Henry Irons.


  1. Speaking of DC comics have you seen Batman Confidential #7?
    They let a guy who wrote for Heroes and Smallville retcon the Joker's Origin away from Alan Moore's The Killing joke.
    Uh... let me repeat that for dramatic purposes so that can sink in properly.
    They let a guy who wrote for Heroes and Smallville retcon the Joker's Origin away from Alan Moore's The Killing joke.

  2. No, I hadn't read it.
    As for the rest of it... I fail to see the problem. Indeed, I'm inclined to say "Good on ya!" to his writer.
    I love Heroes. I'm mostly indifferent to Smallville since I've always had to work the nights it was on, so I've seen maybe half of one episode.
    And dude? Alan Moore said The Killing Joke was the worst thing he ever wrote for several reasons. One of them being that he tried to give The Joker a definite origin. Of course he also wrote himself an out by having Joker say that he's not even sure what his history is anymore and that if he MUST have a past, he'd prefer it be Multiple Choice.
    Besides, there's been a host of Joker stories that contradicted that background anyway... so this is hardly a new thing. Besides, call me crazy, I always liked Ed BruBaker's "The Man Who Laughs" better as a Joker origin anyway.

  3. I said this on ComicBloc... I'll say it again.
    Yeah I know that Alan Moore isn't proud of the Killing Joke. I also hear Tchaikovsky hated The Nutcracker Suite.
    That doesn't mean I want a new "official" version composed by My Chemical Romance. (Which is a fine band mind you...)
    But I'll give you a point. Ed Brubaker's "The Man Who Laughs" was a damned good story.
    Anyway I duhno. I might be too rough on Michael Green. You can check out some pages from the book on Scans_Daily.

  4. ...
    I kinda like it.
    *hides under his bed awaiting the massive smiting of angry Moore purists*