Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thing About Comics To Be Cheerful About

1. Mark Waid will be writing 'The Flash' again!

I love Waid's work but I've just never gotten The Legion of Superheroes... so I'll be glad to have him writing a book featuring characters I like.

Also, there's a fair to middling chance that with Waid writing Trickster again, Underworld Unleashed might still be canon. :)

2. Dwayne McDuffie, former writer and producer of the Justice League cartoon, is taking over JLA... AND he's writing the Ollie/Dinah wedding special!

It's not Gail Simone but it's one of the few other writers whose name can get me to try a book I wouldn't ordinarily read. And as nervous as I know everyone is about the Ollie/Dinah marriage... at least we can be assured that the wedding issue will be top-notch.

Now... can we get a guarantee that Judd Winick is NOT writing any potential Green Arrow/Black Canary team books?


Apparently not...


Ah well... it can't all be good, can it?


  1. I was going to make an Urbanhunter/Starman Matt joke. Possibly involving the words Brave, Bold and OTP. But then it made me think of the possibility of James Robinson instead of Winick having been the writer on Green Arrow. And so I went to weep a single tear for what should have been...

  2. What amuses me among all the wedding specials is that apparently Superman is the stripper at Dinah's bachelorette party (JLA Wedding Special cover).

  3. Oh, that isn't Superman. It's Martian Manhunter disguised as Superman.
    He changes to Batman mid-way through his set.

  4. James Robinson. Dwayne McDuffie. Gail Simone.
    Heck, I'd welcome Bruce Jones at this point. At least we known from his Red Sonja work in the 70's he can write a tough, independent female character... which is more than Winick has ever managed.

  5. I forget who started writing the newest incarnation of the JLA comic but it was a snorefest. And you'd think that would be almost impossible to do with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman running around.

  6. You'd also think someone would know better than to base a comic featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman around them sitting at a table looking at pictures while C-Listers like Vixen and Geo-Force are getting the good action scenes.