Sunday, May 6, 2007

Further Thoughts on Spider-Man 3.

There seems to be a plague of idiots who, during the scene where Mary Jane and Harry kiss, start shouting out "WHORE!" At least, most of the message board posters I talk to have made note of this happening at their theaters as well.

Now this disturbs me on a number of levels, one of which is that nobody said a damn thing about Gwen Stacy kissing a total stranger, as far as she knew, before her boyfriend, her father and most of Manhattan.

But even more disturbing to me is the fact that these same idiots at my theater CHEERED when Mary Jane got slapped later on. Actually cheered.

I think about this and the statistic that one out of every three teenage girls today are in an abusive relationship with their boyfriend and I get downright depressed.


  1. Unfortunately, this does not come as a shock to me, given the current nature of our society as it is.
    Perhaps I should slap them, see how they like it. *muses upon this*

  2. No Mongo! Never kill a customer.