Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Withcblade Anime deemed too intense for Japanese TV

A little tidbit that was passed on to me by a colleague who attended Wizard World LA...

I don't know if any of the rest of you were there, but at WizardWorld this past Sunday, they showed about 10 minutes of footage from the Witchblade anime. It's so new that they haven't signed a deal for American broadcast yet.

The story takes place in the same time frame as the Witchblade manga, but is not the same story, from what they said at the preview. The whole thing is a sequel to the American Witchblade comics and TV show, about a future wielder of the Witchblade.

Apparently, the anime was a little over the top for even Japanese television, as they had to do a slightly censored version of her costume for broadcast. One of the issues is whether they will show the toned-down version or the more adult version here, on Adult Swim or in a similar time slot. From what I saw, the main things which might be objectionable are her costume and the way she gets…um…a little too excited when using the Witchblade. Definite sexual overtones in the action and the dialogue there. This will not be a show for tweens and kiddies...

Given some of the Japanese gameshows and Anime I've been forced to watch by fans of the culture... am I the only one frightened by the prospect of something that is considered too over the top for Japanese television?

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  1. I wonder about that too, especially given what little I've seen of the Witchblade manga...