Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 3/14/07


Turns out that bit from last week was wrong. It was Spider-Woman talking to Ms. Marvel and them going to investigate a rumor that Captain America wasn't really dead. And that was all a lie.

52 WEEK #45 - Still not really caring about Black Adam's rampage. I'm more interested in the new Suicide Squad or just what an island full of Intergang-funded mad scientists have on hand to deal with a very annoyed Black Adam. Hopefully we'll get to see both next issue.

CIVIL WAR: THE CONFESSION - I liked the second story in this two-parter, simply because Captain America finally said, to Tony, everything that SHOULD have been said a long time ago. And I admit to liking the first story - not because it was good - but because some dark twisted part of myself enjoys seeing Tony Stark crying like a little bitch and whining about how much he needs a drink. I dunno... maybe it would have had more meaning if they did the story with Tony and Steve arguing first and THEN had the "talking by the grave" story second.

FABLES #58 - This book is still ten pounds of awesome in a five-pound sack. Not much else needs to be said.

GREEN ARROW #72 - Three issues until the supposed proporosal occurs and nary a Canary nor sign of Dinah Lance's inclusion into Oliver Queen's life is to be seen.

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE #124 - I'm gratified to see that my suspicions regarding Brian - long thought to be the most anti-social and antagonistic of the "Knights" - were born out. Without giving too much away, Brian is given a nice moment in the closing part of this issue which shows that underneath his greedy, point-whoring, rules-lawyering exterior, there is something of a heart of gold. It is golden character moments like this that make KODT the best gamer comic on the market.

SUPERMAN #660 - Goofy as it was and as much as I loathe "The Prankster" in general (a poor man's James Jesse), this story was good for a much-needed laugh. I especially love how the new supervillain, Nitro G, has the same name as a hero from "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" and some of the outright goofy gadgets "Uncle Oswald" had. The Joy Buzzle was priceless.

WONDER WOMAN #5 - Should I feel bad that I liked this one-shot looking at how Wonder Woman changes the lives of people she's never met for the better more than I have the first four "regular" issues of this series?

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  1. Brian seems to have a decent moment once or twice a year, just to remind us that he's actually worth having as a friend. And I agree with you that they should have flipped the order of the two stories in The Confession.