Monday, July 12, 2004

Looking To The Stars: Coming Attractions

One of the most gratifying aspects of being a writer and having your own column in any publication is the ability to shed some light on people who might otherwise go ignored. In some cases, this is to shine a light of truth on those who are being dishonest or dishonorable in some way, like in the recent case with Micah Wright. Most of the time, and I am very thankful for this, this ability is used to shine the spotlight on some worthy people or project. With that in mind, I have two such projects – small, independent books – to talk about this week.

ATP Presents

This fall, small-press publisher Across the Pond Studios will release its’ second title, “ATP PRESENTS”, and it looks like it will be a scorcher. The goal of this book is to allow some of the hottest new talent in the industry to work alongside some of the stars. Issue #1 will print with two alternate covers and will feature…

- “Metal Locus”, a four-part, science-fiction epic which explores the age old questions of how humanity can survive in a world of technological replacement. Written by Keith Champenge (JSA, Legion) and illustrated by Sergio Cairello (Batman, Sojourn).
- “Gauche-Man” is a comedy about a bumbling superhero. Written by Scott Fry and Stephan Nilson, with art by Scott Fry.
- “Halloween Man”, the cult classic web-comic about a wise-cracking, crime-fighting undead hero appears in its’ first mainstream publication. Written by Halloween Man creator Drew Edwards with illustrations by Nicola Scott (Proximity Effect, Knights of the Dinner Table)
- “Necro-City Chronicles” is about a city where crime is fought with intuition, guns and magic. Written by Scott Parker with illustrations by Mitch Byrd (Guy Gardner, Dinosaur Theories).

Heathen Sent

What if the world were to come to an end and nobody noticed?

That is the central premise of Heathen Sent; a new book about how it isn’t true that the gods must be crazy to work here, but it helps. Written by Christopher Stuck with art by Jill Johansen, this promises to be one of the year’s best comics if not the most controversial.

The Rapture, Armageddon, Ragnarok and the Apocalypse are nigh. The Powers That Be, for the most part, are content to let this happen. A few gods, however, are quite happy with things as they are and would be rather sorry to see the world go. Among them is Loki, Norse god of Fire and Trickery, who decides to organize a resistance on behalf of humanity.

Leading the pack in ensuring that everything goes smoothly is Jesus H. Christ himself. Not a bad guy by any means, but the definite antagonist of the piece. The pretty, popular Johnny Footballhero to Loki’s John Bender.

Premiering at the San Diego Comic Con later this month, the comic is available for order on-line already at Heathen Sent Studios.

Tune in next week. Same Matt time. Same Matt website.

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