Thursday, June 10, 2004

Knights Of The Dinner Table: Everknights Special - A Review

Written by: Tony DiGerolamo
Penciled by: Benjamin Hall
Inked by: Benjamin Hall
Colored by: Marlena Hall
Lettered by: Marlena Hall
Editors: Mark Plemmons & Brian Jelke
Publisher: Kenzer And Company

As a fan of the regular Everknights title as well as a fan of Arthurian Legend, I went into this title with high expectations. I was not disappointed, as this pairing of our world’s greatest knights meeting Garweeze World’s most dangerous adventurers is easily the funniest thing done with the Arthurian Legend since the boys from Monty Python quested for the Holy Grail.

The plot is simple stuff. The Knights of the Round Table find a magic mirror in the cave where they were lead to believe the Holy Grail was kept. This mirror leads them into the basement of the castle, formerly controlled by an evil wizard, now “owned” by the adventurers known as The Everknights. After encountering some booby traps, the Knights return to their own dimension with “The Holy Grail”, i.e. the trophy for the Everknights annual badminton tournament. The theft is quickly discovered, and with sneak-thief Lefty leading the charge over this insult to his honor (“No ONE firking steals from Lefty III!"), the Everknights go to Camelot to fight for what is theirs.

This leads to the epic battle promised in the title, where-in wizard is matched against wizard, knight with magic sword is matched against knight with magic sword… and the only woman on one team is matched against the only woman on the other team. To describe the fights would be to deny you all the opportunity to view several very funny visuals, well-illustrated by the team of Benjamin and Marlena Hall.

This title remains one of my favorite and this issue is the perfect opportunity for new readers to jump in and learn about the characters without having to worry about the on-going story, such as it is, in the main title. So go forth, young heroes, and fetch thyself a copy of Everknights fortwit!

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